Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual Reality or simply VR is a realistic and immersive reproduction of a three-dimensional environment, generated directly from a computer through special 3D software. Through an appropriate vision VR that is integrated with the latest generation of smartphone’s, it is equipped with systems for the detection of movements using global positioning systems (GPS) and magnetometer (compass) that will allow the display of a three-dimensional flow of information in real time. This technology allows the user to live an immersive experience, controlled by the movement of the head that will play the same action in the virtual environment allowing him to move and interact with the recreated ambience and objects within the VR. The combination of virtual reality and the use of vision VR takes the name Immersive Virtual Reality Multisensory RVI.

Ancient & Recent has chosen for its customer’s high performance mobile equipment, the best products in the field. With Samsung Gear VR that integrates Samsung Galaxy S7, everything is possible!

With Ancient & Recent our customers can book an Ancient Rome Walking Tour or Ancient Rome Segway led by an expert tour guide to explore, through an Oculus VR equipped with the latest generation of smartphones, a historical reconstruction in 3D of Colosseum. In real time you can move within the Colosseum’s three areas, the square, the arena and the underground as if you are present in the ancient world. Experience a virtual, multimedia, multisensory tour with audio reproductions and historical fighting animations allowing you to not only learn, but live the history.

All tours which include the Virtual Reality are guided by expert local guides who will assist and explain to tourists how to use the Oculus.

Our exclusive walking and Segway Tours are unique in the tourism market, combining innovative technology with history and are devised in small groups insuring participants will make the most of their experience.

Before booking our tours with the VR please click Health and Safety info.

What are you waiting for? Book a Live Ancient Rome Segway Tour in VR or Live Ancient Rome Walking Tour in VR and take home with you an immersive and memorable experience of the Eternal City!